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Berks County Probation & Parole

Berks County Probation & Parole


The Berks County Adult Probation & Parole Department is an arm of the 23rd Judicial District of Pennsylvania.  At any given time, on average, the Adult Probation & Parole Department supervises approximately 8,000 offenders, countywide.  Currently, offenders are supervised based on one of several categories including; Intake, Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD), Domestic Violence, Gang, Sex Offender, Treatment Courts (DUI, Drug, Mental Health, Veterans), and General.  The Department is responsible for monitoring and enforcing Court orders.

The Berks County Adult Probation & Parole Internship Program is designed to provide a “hands-on” learning experience for students working towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the fields of criminal justice or social services.  Participants will be exposed to many different aspects of the criminal justice system including but not limited to; utilization of evidenced based practices; interactions with various law enforcement agencies, counseling agencies, and corrections professionals; observation of the Court system; current technologies; and the core competencies involved with working with offenders.

Intern candidates will apply to the Berks County Probation & Parole Department by completing the employment application and submitting it along with a letter of intent to Deputy Chief Nick Volo.  Candidates that meet the requirements will be reviewed, and prospective interns will be interviewed.  The department will accept up to two interns per semester.  Potential interns should be contacting us at least two months prior to their prospective semester.

Internship Requirements

What you'll need...

  • Must be a junior or senior at a college or university with a minimum GPA of 2.8
  • MSW field placements can be accommodated if candidate has arrangements for an MSW field placement supervisor
  • Submission of the following forms:
    • Letter of Intent (includes required hours and tentative schedule)
    • County of Berks Application – Position Desired: APO Unpaid Intern
    • Resume
    • Copy of College Transcripts (Unofficial is Acceptable)
  • Must agree to a criminal background check
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance
  • Clearances needed:
    Child Abuse History Clearance 
    Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History
    If you need click here if you need assistance with clearances

What you'll do...

Interns will be assigned a mentor Officer who will work alongside them  to ensure scheduled hours are met. Initially interns will be given a general overview of the department and they will work out a schedule of events with their mentor. This will include meeting everyone in the department, a tour of the Probation office and a general lay out of the county services to include parking. Interns and their mentors will also review the majority of administrative tasks completed in Probation to include: data entry, bench warrant request, releases, contacting offenders, etc. Interns will observe probation officers conducting their daily tasks which include:

  • Working with offenders by targeting criminogenic needs
  • Coordinating/delivering services to reduce recidivism risk
  • Administer motivational interviewing techniques
  • Utilize cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Build therapeutic alliance with offenders

General Program Policies

  • The intern must read and sign all the appropriate documents prior to the start date
  • The intern must dress at all times in business professional attire
  • The intern must exhibit appropriate and professional behaviors at all times
  • An intern shall never use his/her personal vehicle for probation business
  • An intern shall never assist Probation Officers when taking a defendant into custody.  However, an intern may be an observer of the process
  • At no time will an intern make ANY decisions regarding a defendant
  • The intern may be required to complete some of the rudimentary paperwork functions within the Adult Probation/Parole Office
  • The intern may be required to complete a project during their term

Potential Internship Experiences/Observations

Intake Department

  • Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) – Defendant is interviewed and a report is provided to the Court with specific information used for sentencing consideration upon entrance of plea or conviction
  • Collection and processing of DNA samples
  • Submission of sentencing guidelines to the Pennsylvania Sentencing Guideline Commission
  • Institutional Parole Division

Caseload Supervision

  • Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) is an elective program for first time offenders in which there is no conviction and charges may be dismissed upon successful completion of the program
  • General – caseloads comprising of probation/parolees (example offenses; burglary, robbery, theft, possession, DUI, etc.)
  • Gang Unit
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sex Offender
  • Inter-county/Interstate

Treatment Courts

  • Drug Treatment Court
  • Mental Health Treatment Court
  • Veterans Treatment Court
  • DUI Treatment court
  • DUS/DUI – Driving Under Suspension/DUI related


  • Core Correctional Practices
  • Control Tactics Training
  • Firearms Training/TASER