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Berks County Probation & Parole

Berks County Probation & Parole

General Supervision

General Supervision officers supervise a wide variety of probation and parole offenders throughout Berks County. There are three primary goals of supervision; To protect the community, restore victims and reduce recidivism through long term behavior change. We achieve this by assisting our offenders in their successful supervision, setting goals, and practicing skills that will help them with problem solving, gaining education and employment, improving family/peer relationships, and changing their behaviors.

Offenders are required to pay all fines, costs and/or restitution in full before the expiration of their supervision. The Adult Probation/Parole Office monitors restitution payments to ensure victims are compensated as per their court order.

Berks County Adult Probation and Parole currently has 27 Probation/Parole Officer and 5 Supervisors assigned to General Supervision. These officers are trained in Core Correctional Practices along with other Evidence Based Practices to better assist offenders and promote the reduction of recidivism.

Offenders under General Supervision are subject to rules of probation/parole which can be reviewed here in English or Spanish.

Offenders who are assessed as Low supervision are still required to report to their officer and supervision is still governed by the rules set forth above.