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Welcome To The Berks County Assessment Office

Welcome To The Berks County Assessment Office

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Real Estate Department is to maintain the quality of services that are offered to taxpayers, municipalities and school districts of Berks County. The main responsibility of the Real Estate Office is to make sure that all assessments are fair and equitable. The Assessment Office maintains ownership and assessments records for parcels within Berks County and ensures that all new construction is measured, described and assessed. The Assessment Office works with property owners, municipalities, tax collectors and school districts concerning assessments. 

The Assessment Office does not issue tax bills or collect taxes.  Please contact the appropriate Tax Collector for current taxes and Tax Claim for delinquent taxes. 

Common Level Ratio (CLR) information, which is used when filing for an appeal, can be found on the Common Level Ration (CLR) page.  There is also an explanation of how the common level ratio (CLR) is used and a link to the State's website for more information.  This common level ratio (CLR) should not be confused with the Common Level Ratio (CLR) Factor that is posted on the Recorder of Deeds website. 

Announcements / Highlights

Regular appeal period is open
As of July 1, that the Regular appeal period is open. Regular appeals can be filed each year from July 1 to August 15. Results of the appeal are effective for the following tax year.

Programs and Services

Act 319 Clean and Green

This is a farmland preservation Act, which gives approved property owners a preferential assessment, based on the classification of the land.

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Parcel Search

Use the parcel search to research property owner information by Name, Address, or Parcel Number

Information and Resources

CAMA Exports

  • The County of Berks provides full extracts from the County of Berks Assessment System (CAMA).  They are full extracts of all current records in the following files:  Master CAMA File; Residential CAMA File and Commercial CAMA File.
  • These files are accessed at the Berks County Data Hub.
  • File extract dates are noted in each item's summary page and the file can be downloaded in multiple formats.
  • For questions regarding these files please contact the Assessment Office at (610) 478-6262 or assessment@countyofberks.com.

 CAMA Data Dictionary -- This file outlines the metadata and field definitions for all of the CAMA exports and provides details about coded values for various CAMA fields.

Homestead Farmstead Exclusion

Forms may be obtained by contacting your school district. Please note that the Assessment Office does not provide these forms.

Should you need assistance in completing the form contact the Berks County Homestead Office at 610.478.6262. For more information, please visit the http://dced.pa.gov/local-government/property-tax-relief-homestead-exclusion/ web site.