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Fishing License

Fishing License

 License valid from December 1 to December 31 of the year following, inclusive.

DV Veterans -  Initial licenses or any renewal with status changes (disability % goes up or down) are only available at the PFBC & County Treasurer.  Renewal of an annual license can be obtained through any issuing agent or online after providing verification of eligibility.  

Type of LicenseAgeFee
Senior Resident65-up$14.47
Senior Resident - Lifetime65-up$86.97
Three-Day Tourist
Seven-Day Tourist16-up$36.47
National Guard/Armed Forces16-up$2.97
Prisoner of War16-up$2.97
One Day Resident (Not Valid 3/15-4/30)16-up$31.97
One Day Tourist (Not valid 3/15-4/30)16-up$14.47
Trout Stamp16-up$14.97
Resident 100% Disabled War Veteran (Service Connected)
One Year Launch Permit
Two Year Launch Permit
Reduced Disabled Veteran - Service Connected (60%-99%)

  • You qualify for a Resident fishing license if you are a bona fide resident of Pennsylvania.  You must show positive proof of permanent residency.
  • Senior Resident & Lifetime licenses are available to those persons at anytime during the year in which they will become age 65.
  • All Replacement Licenses Cost $6.97.