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Conducting Business With The County Of Berks - Procure To Pay Life Cycle - ISupplier

If you are interested in doing business with the County of Berks it is now more efficient then ever before. The County of Berks including the Purchasing Department has streamlined our operations to better serve our end users, suppliers and the general public.

The iSupplier section of the Purchasing Department webpage is a place where the supplier can navigate to register on-line and learn how to conduct business with the County of Berks. Registered County of Berks Suppliers have access to their supplier portfolio twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, to update their contact information. It is important that supplier information is accurate and updated in order to receive payments as well as electronically receive solicitations such as Request for Quotes, Invitation for Bids, Request for Proposals, Request for Information.

Information / Terms and Conditions

Once registered suppliers will have access to their portfolio twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. You may be asking, “What is iSupplier?”, “Why should my business register?”, “What do I need to register and what is the cost?” iSupplier is one module which is part of the County’s Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) utilizing Oracle. iSupplier portal is a completely electronic interface. No special software, aside from an up-to-date web browser such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, is required to access this system. There is no fee required to be paid by your business to register or utilize iSupplier.
Functionalities of iSupplier include but are not limited to the potential opportunity to obtain solicitations/negotiations from the County such as Request for Quotes, Invitation to Bids and Request for Proposals, be notified of awards resulting from such, receive and/or monitor purchase orders from the County and the receiving and payment of purchase orders issued such as date check was issued, check number, payment about etc.. In addition to review and monitoring suppliers will have the ability to process various transactions in the system such as responding to a request for quote or submitting and invoice for payment against a purchase order. Refer to the training section below which includes a detailed breakdown of the functionalities of iSupplier.
This site contains training materials to guide you through the various actions and functionality of iSupplier. In addition the County is happy to advise that a video application of the training materials will also be available after August 23, 2009 so that you can view iSupplier in action and use this as tools to continue your training. The videos will be segmented allow you to pick and choice at different dates and times which process and functionality you would like to review, i.e. registration, administration (contact updates), orders, accounts/payments etc. These videos will not be housed directly on the County’s site however a link will be provided so that you can access them. 
Remember - This registration will solely give you access to your company’s transactions.
It is important that you complete the registration in it's entirety and continue to update to ensure your business does not miss out on any potential opportunities. For example be sure to select the proper NIGP commodity code for the codes and services your company provide. If a supplier is uncertain whether a commodity code reflects the goods and/or services offered, it is recommended that supplier still select the commodity code to be eligible to receive solicitation information. Supplier upon receipt of solicitation can decide whether they offer those goods and/or services. Other examples of issues from improper registration can result in checks being issued to an incorrect location if the address section is not current or if the fax number is incorrect the supplier may fail to receive a purchase order.
iSupplier Login
If you have not done business with the County of Berks Purchasing Department in the past you can do so utilizing the link below;
iSupplier Prospective Vendor Registration
If you have done business with the County of Berks Purchasing Department in the past and have not received an email notification to register then please contact the County of Berks Purchasing Department.
The following link is the County's terms & conditions required for utilizing iSupplier;
iSupplier Registration - Terms & Conditions
If you get a message saying that you are already a supplier with the County, you will need to contact the County of Berks Controller's Office or (610) 478-6150, and they will verify if this. If the original contact who registered your company is no longer employed then you will need to verify your companies ACH information (if established with the County) or provide a notarized affidavit regarding the employment term with signature from an officer of the company/board of directors.

iSupplier Training

This site contains training materials to guide you through the various actions and functionality of iSupplier. The following is a detailed breakdown of functionalities which are broken down in detail in the training materials and options notated herein. Click into the link for each section to open the training materials for that specific segment.

Supplier General Training

Relates to this page - need to confirm with county as this page looks like it is not functional.

This page contains training materials to guide you through the new functionality available in iSupplier as a result of the County's upgrade from Oracle E-Business Suite version 12.0.6 to version 12.1.3.

Training Materials New Vendor Registration:
How to register without a notification from the County
Registration via Notification

If your company has done transactions with the County in the past you may have received a notification to register. This sections will provide you with instruction on how to proceed.

New Vendor Registration Updates to the Product and Services Search 

  • Search for Purchase Orders
    • Find Agreements
  • Awarded Solicitations to Supplier
  • Purchase Order Change History
  • Training Materials
  • View invoices
  • View payments
  • Submit invoices for payment (Note: Function is not currently available however will be in the near future.)
  • Training Materials
  • Supplier Details
  • Address book
    • Enter/Edit one or multiple sites for purchasing, payment and invoicing for the County to utilize with your company.
  • Contacts
    • Enter/Edit contact information for individuals at your company the County should contact for topics such as sales/purchasing, questions regarding invoices or payments to your company etc.
  • Products and Services
    • Enter/Edit commodity codes for the good and/or services your company provides in order to potentially receive notification on negotiations/solicitations (i.e. RFQs, ITBs & RFPs). Failure to do so may result in potential missed opportunities for sales for your company.
  • Bank Accounts
    • Enter/Edit account information regarding payments
  • Approvals & Admin
  • Training Materials


  • Notifications for County of Berks Solicitations - Request for Quotes (RFQs), Invitations to Bid (ITBs) and Request for Proposals (RFPs) -
    • If attempting to obtain an ITB, after registering/logging in please contact the Purchasing Department for assistance to ensure the complete package is obtained.
  • Respond to a Solicitation
  • View Solicitation Award

iSupplier Questions & Clarifications