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Berks County Solicitor's Office

Berks County Solicitor's Office

Mission Statement

To provide responsive, exceptional and ethical legal services in a cost-effective manner to the Board of Commissioners, County Departments, Elected Officials and the taxpayers of Berks County so that the County may achieve its policy and operational goals while advancing the public trust.


The Solicitor's Office acts as General Counsel to the County Commissioners and all County departments. Under the County Code the duties of the Solicitor are to: 

"commence and prosecute all suits brought, or to be brought, by the County, wherein any rights, privileges, property claim or demands of the County involved, as well as defend all actions or suits brought against the County, and shall perform all duties now enjoined by law upon county solicitors, and shall do all and every professional act and render legal advice incident to the office which may be required of him by the commissioners."  16 P.S. § 902

The Solicitor's duties include the following:

  • Prepare and revise Ordinances and resolutions;
  • Litigate legal actions and claims brought by or against the County;
  • Draft and approve contracts, agreements, or other legal documents executed by authorized county officials;
  • Coordinate and supervise all outside counsel.

The Solicitor's Office does not provide legal advice, legal counsel or legal services to the general public.

Core Values

  • Quality Legal Representation
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency

Legal Staff:

Christine M. Sadler
610-478-6105 ext. 6108

Cody L. Kauffman
First Assistant Solicitor
610-478-6105 ext. 6111

Paul T. Bradshaw
Assistant Solicitor
610-478-6105 ext. 6109

David N. Peris
Assistant Solicitor
610-478-6105 ext. 6107

Kathleen M. Morrison 
Assistant Solicitor
610-478-6105 ext. 6115

Joshua D. Macel
Assistant Solicitor
610-478-6105 ext. 6121

Taylor Davis
Assistant Solicitor for Children & Youth Services
610-478-6700 ext. 6769

Jennifer O'Neil 
Assistant Solicitor for Children & Youth Services
610-478-6700 ext. 6984

Christopher Tarantino 
Assistant Solicitor for Children & Youth Services
610-478-6700 ext. 6830

Ashley Trimble
Assistant Solicitor for Children & Youth Services
610-478-6700 ext. 6838

Beverly A. LeVan
610-478-6105 ext. 6106

Amanda Helbert
610-478-6105 ext. 6110