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Welcome to the Office of County Planning

Our Mission

The Berks County Planning Commission serves as the area-wide planning organization for Berks County. The Commission provides a regional blueprint for land use, transportation and community facilities. It assists local units of government with development and preservation activities and provides guidance to the Berks County Board of Commissioners and other departments of county government. The Commission and its professional staff also serve as community advisors for modern planning practices and advocates for sound regional growth management. Finally, since the Commission is involved with a range of activities with a number of partners, it plays a very important coordinating role in community development issues and projects.

News / Announcements

Programs / Services

Public Meetings

2024 Berks County Planning Commission Board Meetings

Meeting Dates
Starting at 3:00 PM
Subdivision Plans 
Will Be Reviewed
Preliminary and Final Plans 
Accepted on or Before
January 10 - In-Person
January 10
December 19, 2023
February 14 - Virtual
February 14
January 25
March 13 - Virtual
March 13
February 22
April 10 - In-Person
April 10
March 20
May 8 - Virtual
May 8
April 18
June 12 - Virtual
June 12
May 22
July 10 - In-Person
July 10
August 14 - Virtual
August 14
July 25
September 11 - Virtual
September 11
August 21
October 9 - In-Person
October 9
September 19
November 13 - Virtual
November 13
October 22
December 11 -Virtual
December 11
November 19

Virtual meetings will be using Microsoft Teams and can viewed on YouTube. Information on how to participate in these meetings and how to provide comments will be posted when the meeting is listed in the News/Announcements Section

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