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Berks County Probation & Parole

Berks County Probation & Parole

Community Service

Community Service is used by the Berks County Court of Common Pleas and by the District Courts as an alternative sentence for individuals who have committed non-violent offenses. It is seen as a work ethic approach to punishment which is both humane to the offender and highly cost- effective to the community. Community service has been used in Berks County since the late 1980’s and its programming continue to adapt to the needs of the clients, the judicial system, and the community at large.

The Community Service Program is responsible for the placement and monitoring of juveniles and adults at non-profit agencies, municipalities, and crews for the completion of court- ordered community service time.

Community Service Unit:

Supervisor – Owen Scott

1. Liliana Salazar - Program Monitor

2. Jeremy Missimer - Crew Leader

3. Joseph Estrella, Jr - Crew Leader

Community Service Locations:

Community Service has access to two County special project work crews for placement of community service individuals. One of these crews is based at the Reading Public Museum and assists in the maintenance of the buildings and grounds. The second crew, the Community Service Special Projects Crew, meets at the Aulenbach’s Cemetery in Reading and in addition to maintaining cemetery grounds, completes projects for non-profit agencies and municipalities throughout Berks County. Participants may also complete court order Community Service hours at local churches, libraries, or community based programs which are tax exempt (501c3). Please contact the CSW Program Monitor  Liliana Salazar  with any questions concerning CSW hours or acceptable locations where you can complete community service at. 

Aulenbach's Cemetery Location

CEMAulenbach's Cemetery
2050 Howard Blvd
Reading Pa 19606

Crew Leader: Joseph Estrella, Jr

Wednesday - Saturday
7:30Am - 3:30pm (8hrs)


Half Days
Wednesday - Saturday
7:30am -11:30am (4hrs)
11:30am - 3:30pm (4hrs)

Museum Crew

RPMReading Public Museum
500 Museum Road
West Reading, PA 19609  
Crew Leader: Jeremy Missimer 

Meet at Greenhouse (behind Planetarium)
*Friday and Saturday report to the back door of the museum by 8am.

Monday - Saturday
7:30am - 3:30pm (8hrs)


Half days       
Monday - Saturday
7:30am - 11:30am (4hrs)
11:30am - 3:30pm (4hrs)

Additional Information:

Please call (610) 478-3400 x5472 for updates on cancellation of community service crews due to inclement weather.

To cancel or reschedule your time please call (610) 478-3400 x5480.

Community Service Documents:

Community Service Information Sheet

Community Service Agreement

Spanish Community Service Agreement