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Agricultural Land Preservation - ACE Program

Agricultural Land Preservation - ACE Program

Agricultural conservation easements are purchased or donated voluntarily by the landowners to permanently protect farms for agriculture. Land protected by an easement cannot be used for any other purpose other than agricultural production or commercial equine activity. Protecting groups or clusters of farms helps maintain agriculture as a viable industry.

An agricultural conservation easement (ACE) is "an interest in land, less than fee simple, which represents the right to prevent the development or improvement of a parcel for a purpose other than agricultural production. It is granted in perpetuity, as the equivalent of covenants running with the land."

Farmland Preservation
In Berks County.....

Farms Preserved: 828
Acres Preserved: 79,047
Berks County ranks 3rd in the nation for farmland preservation.

ACE Program Guidelines

The ACE Program Guidelines are your comprehensive handbook to the Agricultural Conservation Easement (ACE) program and should be able to answer most of your questions including background information, ACE Program overview, criteria for applying, a summary of procedures, the documents required, and much more.

Resources for Participants

Find more information for landowners of preserved land, including guidelines on modifications to an easement, farm inspections, updating conservation plans, or selling preserved land.

Agricultural Land Preservation Board

Find out more information about the Agricultural Land Preservation Board and Board meetings. 

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