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Conservation Easement

Conservation Easement

What a conservation Easement is:

A conservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and a government agency or private land trust that permanently restricts the use of the land for conservation purposes.  For agricultural conservation easements, that purpose is continued agricultural use.  

What a conservation easement does:

  • Protects the land in perpetuity and contributes to a lasting legacy
  • Provides a means of estate planning or passing the land on to the next generation
  • May provide tax benefits to the landowner
  • Provides revenue to pay down debt, buy equipment, purchase additional land or reinvest in the farm

What a conservation easement does not do:

  •  Limit the ability of the landowner to transfer, sell, lease, or rent the property
  •  Require the property to be open to the public

farmland with view of the Pinnacle in the background