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Benefits of Agricultural Land Preservation

Benefits of Agricultural Land Preservation

What does preserving farmland mean to the residents of Berks County?

    • Secures a local food source

A wide variety of agricultural products are grown in Berks County – from chicken, dairy, and beef to Christmas trees, produce, and honey. Preserved farmland ensures food will always be produced here, which is important for food security.

    • Maintains the local heritage

Preserving farmland preserves the scenic and rural character of the county for both residents and visitors.

    • Stabilizes property taxes

Residential development increases the demand for services, like schools, police, and roadways, which require more in taxes. Overall, a farm uses less tax dollars than what the farmer pays in taxes.

    • Contributes to the local economy

Agribusiness support industries such as financial and legal services, seed and equipment sales, and food production and processing are important to both the agricultural community and the local economy.

    • Ensures that open space and ecosystem services are maintained

Agricultural lands provide many ecosystems services including open space for wildlife, ground-water recharge, and carbon sequestration.