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Unclaimed Monies

Unclaimed Monies

You May Be Entitled To Unclaimed Monies! 

Pursuant to the subsection 205 (f) of the Real Estate Tax Sale Law of July 7, 1947, P.L. 1368, as amended, 72 P.S. 5860.101, et seq., the following is a list of properties which have been sold by the Tax Claim Bureau for which no claim for payment of any balance due to the owner of the property has been presented by or on behalf of the owner. 


Please return your application and all required copies and documents to:

Berks County Tax Claim Bureau

Attn: Excess Funds Claim

Services Center, 2nd Floor

633 Court Street

Reading, PA 19601

Instructions to Submit a Claim for Unclaimed Funds

  1. Fill out the Berks County Tax Claim Bureau Application for Unclaimed Funds and have the form notarized.
  2. Provide a color photocopy of your valid driver’s license or other valid government issued photo identification. 
  3. Proof must be supplied associating you with the property sold at Tax Sale. Examples of acceptable support are as follows: 
    • Utility bill, 
    • Mortgage payment coupon 
    • Post-marked envelope
    • Driver’s license 
    • Canceled check
    • A pay stub that reflects the property address
  4. The Bureau will honor personal Powers of Attorney as long as we receive a certified copy of the POA, signed by the owner. 
    • The POA may execute the claim forms but must still supply the required documentation for the owner on record. 
    • Please note, the Bureau requires all Powers of Attorney submitted to comply with 20 Pa C.S.A. Section 5601. Therefore, each Power of Attorney will need the required notice signed by the principal and required acknowledgement executed by the agent.
  5. If you are a third party, under Pennsylvania law, no person may assist in the recovery of unclaimed property and receive compensation. Therefore, unless the person has applied for and received a certificate of registration from the Pennsylvania Department of Treasury. It is illegal for finders to operate without the required Certificate of Registration and we will not honor such requests.
  6. If the owner of the property is deceased, the personal representative will need to provide a certified copy of the Death Certificate and a Short Certificate. The short certificate must be updated within the past two (2) years.
  7. If the record owner of the property is a business entity, the requestor must provide proof that they are an authorized representative and have authority to claim the funds on behalf of the entity. 
  8. If the amount of claimed funds you are found to be entitled to exceeds $5,000, you must appear in person to obtain the check when settlement is made.  NO EXCEPTIONS.