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Repository List

Repository List

The Real Estate Tax Sale Law provides that any property remaining unsold after a judicial sale is placed into the Tax Claim Bureau's  "repository for unsold properties." The Real Estate Tax Sale Law authorizes the Tax Claim Bureau to accept bids to sell any property placed in the repository without court approval and published notice of sale. The Tax Claim Bureau must obtain written consent of such sale from all taxing districts where the property is located.  Upon successful sale, the property will be conveyed to the purchaser upon payment of the agreed price, free and clear of all tax and municipal claims, mortgages, liens, and charges and estate of whatsoever kind, except ground rent separately taxed.  It is the responsibility of the Tax Claim Bureau to have the deed recorded at the expense of the purchaser.  You are hereby notified that the price for which the property is sold will be deemed to be the fair market value of the property for tax assessment purposes.  


The provisions of the Real Estate Tax Sale Law limit the persons to whom the Tax Claim Bureau may sell properties to. First, the delinquent taxpayer-owner of the property to be sold is disqualified from purchasing the property. Second, a successful bidder must, within twenty (20) days after the sale, provide an affidavit that he or she does not owe (1) any delinquent real estate taxes; and (2) any municipal or utility charges that are more than one year in arrears.   Failure to provide the affidavit will disqualify a purchaser.


 It is strongly suggested that you thoroughly review the Conditions, instructions, and consult with a lawyer before you participate in this sale.


**Please review the Instructions as updates have been made**