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E-Recording With Berks County PA Recorder of Deeds

Video Demonstration of Electronic Recording (link)

You may now record your documents electronically through several e-recording platforms.  

It’s simple, fast, efficient and it saves you time and money. No more expensive over-night mail costs, and you receive your recorded documents usually within the same day. E-recording also reduces the document rejection rate through electronic calculation of fees and taxes. And if your document is rejected you can correct it and send it right back electronically and no rejection fees! 

For more information please visit the following websites:

Is your office located in Berks County?

If you are a document submitter located within Berks County PA please give our office a call at 610-478-3380, about our own low cost e-recording option. There is no software cost and only a minimal per document charge, all you need is a scanner and internet access.