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Friends And Family Visitation

Friends And Family Visitation

Berks County Jail System Modified Visitation

Berks County Jail System will be reopening non-contact visitation effective 3/14/2022.  A new visitation schedule as well as the criteria and guidelines for visits are outlined below. To ensure everyone’s safety, the guidelines below will be strictly enforced.  Violations of these guidelines may result in the termination of the visit and/or suspension of visitation privileges.


Effective 1/1/2023, each inmate will be permitted three (3) thirty (30) minute visits per calendar month. Inmates will be permitted three (3) visitors at each visit. 

Visits MUST be scheduled by no later than 3:00pm the day prior to the visit.  Appointments may be made up to one week in advance.  Absolutely no walk-in visitors will be permitted.

To schedule a visit, please call (610) 208-4800 select option 3 for "visitation" and speak with a receptionist between the hours of 8:30am-3:00pm Monday – Friday. If two individuals wish to visit at the same time, one of the individuals must schedule both parties. You will need to give the name of the inmate you wish to visit and provide the first and last name of all visitors. You will also be assigned a parking space number, which you must use the day of your visit.
You may not leave a voicemail to schedule your visit, you must speak with a receptionist to confirm the day/time of your visit. If you do not receive verbal confirmation of your visit, it is not scheduled and will not be honored should you attempt to visit.
If you are unable to traverse stairs, please mention that you need an accommodation when you call to schedule your visit.  We have one room on the ground level to accommodate visitors with disabilities.

If you require a handicapped parking space, report that to the receptionist so she can ensure that a space is available at your scheduled time.

Inmates are permitted two (2) visitors at each visit.  Both visitors must be scheduled and MUST be on the inmate’s approved visitation list- there are no exceptions to this rule. If you need to reschedule or modify the visit, please contact (610) 208-4800 and select option 3 for "visitation".​

Visitors must arrive at the jail no more than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled visit time. Designated parking spaces for visitors are on the 2nd level of the parking lot and are numbered. All visitors must park in the numbered space assigned to them when the visit was scheduled. Parking in any other area is prohibited. The lobby officer will be aware of each visit scheduled throughout the day; therefore, visitors must remain in their vehicle until the lobby officer comes to escort you into the jail.

Once in the lobby, each visitor will have their temperature taken. Please be respectful of the safety of our staff and the individuals incarcerated at the jail - DO NOT COME TO VISIT IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19. Any visitor who has symptoms of COVID-19 or a temperature above 100° will not be permitted to visit and will be required to leave the premises and call (610) 208-4800 and select option 3 for "visitation" to re-schedule.

All visitors age 2 and older must wear masks that fully cover their nose & mouth and masks must be worn at all times before, during, and after the visit while on jail grounds. Should a visitor have a medical condition preventing them from wearing a mask, a clear shield must be worn instead.
All visitors must practice social distancing while in the lobby and non-contact visitation corridor.  Visits are limited to one per unit, so it is expected that visitors maintain social distancing with those who are visiting inmates on another housing unit.

Visitation areas will be sanitized throughout the day; however, all visitors are responsible for utilizing the hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes that are provided to maintain cleanliness in between visits.

Visitors must secure all items in their car. Car keys and ID will be the only items allowed into the visitation area. 

Visitors may not loiter in the parking lot before, during or after their visit. You must remain in your vehicle, report to the lobby when directed, and return to your vehicle immediately after your visit ends. CHILDREN CANNOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED ANYWHERE ON JAIL PROPERTY.

Inmates on quarantine or isolation status will not be permitted to have visitation. 
*As a visitor you give up certain rights while you are on Berks County Jail System property*

Visits are a privilege that may be revoked by jail staff, at any time, for cause. We will not tolerate abuse or foul language. If this occurs, a visitor will be asked to leave the premises. No exceptions will be made, and the Warden will not accept appeals.

If you have been incarcerated in Berks County Jail System in the past two years, you will not be permitted to visit.

When visiting the jail, please adhere to the following guidelines, established for the security of our institution as well as the safety and well being of staff, inmates, and visitors.
• no weapons of any kind
• no unauthorized photography or video recording
• no medication or drugs of any kind, no alcohol or any item that contains alcohol (i.e., cough syrup)
• no cellular telephones
• no loitering
• no contact with inmate workers
The Berks County Jail reserves the right to deny anyone visiting privileges because of inappropriate attire which is determined at the discretion of the Lobby Officer.
The following garments are not permitted to be worn by visitors:
  • Winter coats, vests, jackets
  • Thick hooded sweatshirts or anything that has a full-length zipper (regular thickness sweatshirts, button sweatshirts,   fleece tops, and blazers are allowed)
  • Tank tops (men and women)
  • Provocative garments
  • Low cut shirts/exposed cleavage
  • Tops that do not extend below the belt line
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Halter tops, tube tops, half-shirts, midriff shirts
  • Any skirts which do not reach the knees (Miniskirts, micro-mini skirts, etc.)
  • Shorts that do not reach at least halfway down the thigh
  • Items that are sheer or see through
  • Items that expose a bra, underwear or other non-allowable items.
Proper identification, a photo identification card with a valid current address, is required. (A PA Driver’s License, PA Identification card, active military ID or a foreign passport with an address.)
There are vending machines in the visitation corridor for your use; you may bring no food or beverages of your own into the institution.
Any violation of regulations may result in termination of a visit and suspension of future visitation privileges. Terminations and suspensions of visitation privileges will be reviewed by the Warden or Chief Deputy Warden. There is no appeal.
To visit an inmate, you must first be on his/her visit list. Inmates choose who they want to have on their list and submit this list to Treatment Staff, who enter the visitors into the visit system. Treatment Staff cannot add you to an inmate’s visit list; it can only be at the request of the inmate. If you would like to visit someone and you are not on his/her visit list, please write to him/her and provide your full name, address, telephone number, and date of birth (this information is required to be an approved visitor).

Visitors over the age of 18 are required to have a valid picture identification card with a current address. Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must be the child, stepchild, sibling, or grandchild of the inmate they are visiting.