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Prison Board

Prison Board

Prison Board Group PhotoLeft to Right: Christian Leinbach (Commissioner), Judge Scott Lash, Michael Rivera (Commissioner), Joe Rudderow (Controller), John Adams (District Attorney), Dante Santoni, Jr. (Commissioner), and Sheriff Eric J. Weaknecht (Not Pictured)

Chairman: Judge Scott Lash

Vice Chairman: Michael Rivera, Commissioner

Secretary: Joe Rudderow, Controller

Solicitor: Christine Sadler, Solicitor

Members: Christian Leinbach, Commissioner; Dante Santoni, Jr., Commissioner; John Adams, District Attorney, and Sheriff Eric J. Weaknecht.

Meetings: The second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 AM

Location: Online Meeting (check the Online Meetings page for the next meeting/location)

Prison Board Minutes: Click here

What Is The Prison Board?

The Prison Board is responsible for the safe-keeping, discipline, and employment of prisoners, and the government and management of the institution.

Why is there a Prison Board?

The Prison Board is in effect, in compliance with Pennsylvania Title 61 Pa. C.S.A. Below is an excerpt of this regulation:

1731. Establishment

(a) General rule. —

(1) In counties of the third, fourth and fifth class, the persons now holding the following offices and their successors in each county of the third, fourth or fifth class shall compose a board to be known as the board of inspectors of the jail or county prison.

(2) The following persons shall be members of the board:

(i) The president judge of the court of common pleas or a judge designated by him.

(ii) The district attorney.

(iii) The sheriff.

(iv) The controller.

(v) The county commissioners.