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Orphans' Court

Orphans' Court

Estate matters that require judicial disposition are handled in the Orphan's Court. Routine appearances before the Orphan's Court include:

  • Audits of accounts of executors, administrators, trustees, and guardians
  • Distribution of estates of decedents, incompetents, and minors
  • Appointment and control of guardians
  • Adoptions
  • Appeals from the Register of Wills involving probate matters
  • Inheritance tax appeals
  • Various petitions and motions

As Clerk of the Orphan's Court, the Register maintains the docket and all other records of the Orphan's Court. The Register is required by law to advertise in the local newspapers the accounts submitted to him in Orphan's Court.


When filing documents, please do not staple the original -- it makes for easier scanning.


Because we do not have electronic filing, please make sure all filed documents contain an original signature, in blue ink.

Change to Fees for Court Appointed Guardians:

Per an Administrative Order (please see below)  all professional/ corporate Court appointed guardians will see a fee increase for incapacitated persons who are recipients of Medicaid. 

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