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Provide families and children with a consistent, accessible, and coordinated means of resolving legal and physical custody issues in a fair, efficient, and effective manner. 


Custody Complaints and Petitions for Modification of Custody are scheduled for a conciliation conference Complaint or Petition.  If the parties don't come to an agreement at conciliation, a recommended order may be done.  Either side may file exceptions to a recommended order within 20 days.  Please file a proposed pre-trial order with your exceptions so the Judge can schedule a Pre-Trial Conference.  At the Pre-Trial Conference the assigned Judge may try to settle the case.  If no settlement occurs, the parties will discuss witnesses, exhibits and the time needed for a Custody Trial so a trial date can be set.  If exceptions are filed and the case is going to trial, the recommended order will not be entered. If no exceptions are filed, the recommended order will be made into a Final Order after the 20 days has expired.

You are strongly encouraged to consult with an attorney to understand your rights and responsibilities under the law. If you do not have an attorney, but want help finding one, please contact the BERKS COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION located at 544-546 Court Street, Reading PA 19603, phone: (610) 375-4591 for Lawyer Referral, and let them that this is for custody.

Custody Definitions

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Self Help

Custody and Divorce is civil litigation and is a very serious matter. It is highly recommended that you hire a Lawyer to represent you in any custody or divorce action.  We have some self help forms available if you choose to represent yourself.