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Interpreter Information

Interpreter Information

Berks County has 54 bilingual precincts that require the presence of a Spanish interpreter on Election Day. We also staff a team of standby interpreters that are able to go out to precincts that need interpretation assistance on Election Day.

If you are interested in joining our interpreter team, please review the following information: 


    • Fluent in English and Spanish
    • Registered Voter
    • U.S. Citizen & Berks County resident

Primary Functions

    • Assist Spanish-speaking voters in the electoral process
    • Direct voters to the correct election official to check-in
    • Assist in locating a voter's name in the electronic pollbook
    • Instruct voters on how to use the voting machine (outside of the privacy curtain)
    • Instruct voters how to cast a provisional ballot
    • Assist voters in the completion of forms, if requested by the voter (Forms can include: Affirmation of Elector, complaint forms, or challenges)
    • Make the Election Services office aware of any instances of intimidation, harassment or discrimination toward voters from an election official, political party watchers, voter protection groups, other voters, and any other group of individual present at the polls.


    • $200.00 for working Election Day
    • $55 for training 


    • Polls are open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
    • Interpreters should arrive at their assigned polling location no later than 6:15 AM.
    • After 8:00 PM, interpreters may be asked to assist in closing the polls and returning supplies to the Election Services office.


Since changes can occur in the election process, all interpreters are encouraged to improve their understanding by attending a training class and reviewing the provided election manual. 

Interpreters are sent a reminder letter a few months before Election Day with the dates and times available for training classes. Communication will continue until Election Day to ensure all necessary arrangements are met and the interpreter is still available to work.

Interpreters can sign up for class by calling the Election Services office or utilizing the poll worker portal.

Sign up

To join our interpreter team, please call 610-478-6490 or fill out the online Poll Worker Interest Form

After you apply, a staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment to complete a short written assessment and interview.