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Kammy - Facility Dog

Kammy - Facility Dog

Kammy Hello

About Kammy

If you’re looking for a furry friend who will always be happy to see you, look no further than Kammy! Kammy is the newest addition to the Children’s Alliance Center and the District Attorney’s Office. She is a 2-year-old Yellow Lab who has been in training with Paws & Affection since she was a puppy. She is always excited to meet new people and as our Facility Dog she can’t wait to provide support and comfort to the victims we serve.

My Handlers

The CAC Director, Amy, is the primary handler of Kammy. Kammy will live with Amy and come to work with her every day. The Victim Advocate, Laura, and the Forensic Interviewer, Jen, are secondary handlers of Kammy.

My Schedule

The CAC will be able to use Kammy for support before, during, and after the forensic interviews. Kammy will also be used on our 5th floor while victims are waiting to testify in court, waiting for verdicts, etc. She will also be able to provide cuddles to our staff when needed. Just like anyone else who works all day, Kammy needs her downtime. Please be respectful when she is resting or just lying down.

When Interacting With Me

Ask Permission: I love the attention and I love when you pet me, but please ask permission from my handler before petting me.

Be Patient: Sometimes I get overwhelmed when there are too many people petting me. Please wait your turn to pet, but also be mindful that other people want to pet me too.

Respect My Breaks: Just like you, I need breaks. I like to go out for sniffy walks, take a nap, or just relax. Those breaks are important for my well-being, and sometimes means that I need a little no-pet time.

Needing Cuddles: I know there might be a day when you need a Kammy cuddle and I’m happy to provide you with one, just call one of my handlers first before coming to the CAC. I might be providing support to one of our other friends at the time, so please be respectful and I will make time for you as well.