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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The County Code

Act of August 9, 1955 (P.L. 323, No. 130)

As Amended


Section 1240.

Section Bodies Not to Be Moved:

In all cases where the coroner has jurisdiction to investigate the facts and circumstances of death, the body and its surroundings shall be left untouched until the coroner has had a view thereof or until he shall otherwise direct or authorize, except as may be otherwise provided by law, or as circumstances may require. Bodies upon a public thoroughfare or in other places may be removed so much as is necessary for precaution against traffic accidents or other serious consequences which might be reasonably be anticipated if they were left intact.

Section 1241.

Release of Coroner's jurisdiction:

Whenever the coroner assumes jurisdiction of a body pursuant to the provisions of this subdivision or of any other law, the body shall not be released or removed from his jurisdiction except upon his directions and consent, in accordance with law.