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Berks County Probation & Parole

Berks County Probation & Parole

Female Trauma Unit (FTU)

The Berks County Probation & Parole Female Trauma Unit (FTU) is a specialized supervision unit that combines gender responsive programming and case management for female offenders. The FTU utilizes a unique risk/needs assessment that places significant emphasis on a woman's strength in an effort to increase pro-social behavior and reduce recidivism.

FTU officers are trained in many Evidence Based Practices (EBP) such as trauma informed care, case management and motivational interviewing. These skills along with wrap-around services provided in the community help ensure that the barriers female offenders face are reduced and in some cases eliminated. 

Meet the Team

Marlena Ohlinger - FTU Supervisor
Andrea Adam - FTU Officer
Alex Velazquez - FTU Officer

What is Gender Responsive Supervision?

Gender-responsive supervision seeks to meet the specific needs and challenges of women in the criminal justice system. Supervision content recognizes the unique pathways that often lead women into contact with the criminal justice system.

What is Trauma Informed Supervision?

Trauma-informed supervision takes the key principles of Trauma Informed Care and applies them in a relational way with offenders. Trauma-informed care is an intervention and organizational approach that focuses on how trauma may affect an individual's life and their choices.