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Sample of Styles for content

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL headers must appear in order. Meaning, they follow the order of h1, h2, h3 - so you cannot do H1, H1, H3, H2, etc. They must appear in order of  header style always.

Heading 1

Use for page titles (automatic, unless you do not enter a title and choose to use one in content page). Also used for Banners/Sliders.

Heading 2

Use for SUB titles / section dividers  

Heading 3

Use for topical subject headers (IE: Topics that are displaced after a section divider)-never follows h1, but always follows h2.

Heading 4

Sub topical subject headers - used to reference content in topical articles.

Testing publishing with workflow - with changes by COB Test User - updating content to show Carl and Heather the workflow.