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Berks County Veterans Temporary Assistance Grant (BCVTA)

News Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

NEW Veteran's Temporary Assistance Grant!!!
In 2022, the Etchberger Veterans Service Center a.k.a. the Berks County Department of Veterans Affairs 
announced the newly formed Berks County Veterans Temporary Assistance (BCVTA) Grant Program. With funding 
sponsorships from organizations such as: the PA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs(PADMVA) Veterans
Trust Fund; PA LINK to Aging and Disability Resources (ARDC) Abilities in Motion; Visions Federal Credit Union; 
Pagoda Realty; Commercial and Private donations, the fund is used as a supplemental community resource in Berks 
County to support veterans and their families who are facing recent financial hardship and need temporary 
assistance to overcome hurdles encountered outside of their own control. This fund is specifically designed to 
raise funds in Berks County and to serve Berks County Veterans and their families in need with support and direct 
oversight from the Berks County Controllers Office.