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Berks County Sheriff Eric J. Weaknecht says his office has received numerous complaints recently that phone scammers have tried to pose as sheriff personnel to obtain money.

Sheriff Weaknecht wants the public to know his office will never call and ask for money.

Sheriff Weaknecht has these tips for Berks County residents.

*Under no circumstances should a resident ever provide any personal information by phone when receiving any calls unless the resident personally knows the caller.

*No government agency will ever accept or request payments via gift cards.

*Never provide credit card information, social security number., date of birth, or bank information to anyone.

*Note the telephone number of the caller.

*Disconnect without providing any information to the caller.

*Call the office of the Berks County Sheriff at (610) 478-6240 if a resident has any concerns that he or she may be a wanted person or to inquire if the sheriff’s office has any reason to contact you.

Anyone receiving calls should report the information to the Berks County District Attorney’s Office.