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News Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Per an Administrative Order (linked below) all professional/corporate Court appointed guardians will see a fee increase for incapacitated persons who are recipients of Medicaid.

In consideration of the increase in permitted maximum monthly professional guardianship fees in Medicaid cases from $100 per month to $300 per month effective January 1, 2023, it is hereby ORDERED that all Berks County court-appointed professional guardians who had previously been authorized to receive monthly compensation of $100 per month from Medicaid in Berks County guardianship cases, are now authorized to receive $300 per month from Medicaid in those cases without the need the file a petition seeking a fee increase. Notice of this order shall be posted on the Berks County Orphans Court website and a copy of this order shall be sent to all known professional court-appointed guardians by the Berks County Clerk of Orphan's Court. This order is retroactive to January 1, 2023. 

Order-Increase in Guardianship Fees