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2045 Long Range Transportation Plan

2045 Long Range Transportation Plan

Welcome to Berks County's 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), our full-length report that provides context and detail to support future transportation funding and projects.  This report addresses how we can meet the expectations for the Berks County transportation system over the next 20+ years.  The challenges for us to build, operate, and maintain a system that meets the needs of the county have never been greater.  To meet these challenges, this plan presents quality information in understandable terms, and is flexible enough to adapt to a constantly changing landscape of needs and resources.  We have endeavored to make this a plan for the people of Berks County.  It is part of our effort to bring transparency to the tough decisions we make.  The LRTP discusses socioeconomic trends affecting travel, the current state of the county transportation network and characterizes transportation needs and multimodal transportation strategies to address these needs. The plan must be reviewed and updated every four years.  RATS has considered all locally available modes of transportation in compiling this plan, including the existing and future highway system, railroads, air travel, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian travel, and methods for improving intermodal connections for freight.  Elements of the plan include an inventory of the county’s transportation system, a listing of current and future problems that will need to be addressed, and a discussion of strategies to alleviate or eliminate these problems and achieve the stated goals and objectives by the year 2045.

Due to the number of maps/tables/charts used for visualization, some file sizes are extremely large (between 1 and 19 MB).  Due to file size limitations, we unfortunately cannot include the full Plan as one complete document.

FY 2023 Environmental Justice Summary
The Environmental Justice Summary reviews and identifies how the transportation planning process and transportation improvements identified in the TIP and LRTP are distributed within the region. The projects and programs are reviewed against the locations of various demographic groups throughout the county and assesses the potential effects of projects and programs. The steps used in the completion of these analyses are summarized in this report. 

FY 2023 Air Quality Conformity Analysis
The Air Quality Conformity Analysis is an integral part of the Long Range Transportation Plan. Using the Planning Commission's Travel Demand Forecasting Model and USEPA's MOVES2014 air quality emissions model, the mix of projects and strategies shown in the TIP have been shown to conform to air quality standards for ground-level ozone and fine particulates set for Berks County.