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Bridge Information

Bridge Information

With 25,000 state-owned bridges, Pennsylvania has the third largest number of bridges in the nation.  The average age of bridges on the state system is 50 years old.  In Berks County alone, the State owns and maintains almost 640 bridges (8' and longer in length), while municipalities and the County of Berks are responsible for ownership and maintenance of 240 bridges (20' and longer in length).


PennDOT has an aggressive bridge inspection program that regularly inspects all of Pennsylvania’s bridges at least once every two years. If their condition warrants, bridges are inspected more frequently.  PennDOT does not hesitate to impose weight restrictions and close bridges if deterioration causes safety concerns.


Bridge information for the entire Commonwealth can be found on PennDOT's website. Users are urged to first review the Bridge Safety Inspection Terminology and Bridge Safety Inspection FAQ pages prior to viewing any other information.


Individual bridges in Berks County can be found using this interactive map tool also found on PennDOT's website.  Before accepting the User Agreement, it is recommended to view the Tutorial Video (link in the middle of the User Agreement).  After accepting the User Agreement, information for individual bridges can be viewed by clicking on that bridge, then reviewing either of the two reports that are made available.  Your browser must be configured to allow Pop-up windows.  As PennDOT updates their databases, the information on the Map is also updated.