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Annual Lists Of Federally Obligated Projects

Annual Lists Of Federally Obligated Projects

The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) requires that the State, public transportation operators, and MPO cooperatively develop a listing of projects which received federal, highway, bridge, or transit funds that were obligated in the preceding Federal Fiscal Year (FFY).  The listing includes all federally funded projects authorized or revised to increase obligations, the amount of Federal Funds requested in the TIP, the federal funding obligated during the previous FFY, and the Federal Funds remaining.  The project listings also include the MPMS number, the project title, and the project description. 

These reports list all transportation projects in the RATS region obligated in their respective Federal Fiscal Years (October 1 through September 30).

The Federal Highway Administration defines ‘obligation’ as “the Federal government’s promise to pay a State for the Federal share of a project’s eligible cost.”  Projects may also include state and/or local funding that is not reflected in the project totals.

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Report for FFY 2023 (October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023 (Adobe PDF)

Report for FFY 2022 (October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022) (Adobe PDF)

Report for FFY 2021 (October 1, 2020 - September 30, 2021) (Adobe PDF)

Report for FFY 2020 (October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020) (Adobe PDF)

Report for FFY 2019 (October 1, 2018 - September 30, 2019) (Adobe PDF)

Report for FFY 2018 (October 1, 2017 - September 30, 2018) (Adobe PDF)