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Berks County MS4 Permit

Berks County MS4 Permit

To meet the requirements of the Phase II NPDES Permitting, each municipality submitted a permit application to DEP on March 10, 2003. The permit period generally runs for five (5) years; however this first permit cycle was effective until March 2013.

The permit application is basically the action plan for the municipality to institute six requirements called minimum control measures (MCMs):

  1. Public Education
  2. Public Participation
  3. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  4. Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control
  5. Post-Construction Storm Water Management in New Development and Redevelopment
  6. Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations Maintenance

Berks County is required to implement these six (6) MCMs for those portions of our property that fall within the urbanized area and have drainage through a stormwater system to Waters of the Commonwealth.

Berks County Facilities in MS4