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Image of incentive to turn things inThe Restitution Incentive Program (RIP) is a unique and innovative concept which couples community service and crime victim compensation. RIP, which has been in existence since 1990, allows youthful offenders who are not gainfully employed to perform community service, which is then be credited toward restitution owed to victims.

For each hour of community service completed, the juvenile is credited with $9.50 toward his/her outstanding amount of restitution. A by-product of RIP is that local non-profit organizations reap the benefit of thousands of community service manpower hours.

RIP is totally funded by youthful offenders without any taxpayer dollars. The RIP budget has steadily increased since 1990. RIP fines, certified Magisterial District Court Judges summary fines, and youth who buy back their community service, generate a portion of the money in the RIP Fund.

Since 1991 the RIP program has paid out more than $1.5 Million to victims of crime.