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Prohibited Use of Electronic Devices

Prohibited Use of Electronic Devices

If you are selected as a juror, you must obey the following rules concerning electronic devices:

You may not use a computer, cell phone, or other electronic device with communication capabilities while in attendance at trial or during deliberation. These devices may be used during breaks or recesses, but the devices never may be used to obtain information about the case.

Specifically, you may not use the devices to research information about a party, witness, attorney, judge, or court officer. You may not research news reports of the case or any facts of the case. You may not research any topics raised in testimony offered by any witness. You may not research any other information that you think would be helpful in deciding the case. In sum, do not conduct any research whatsoever via the internet through the use of an electronic device, nor communicate with anyone about the case using such device.

Violation of this rule may constitute a contempt of the court. Sanctions could also include permanent confiscation of the electronic device.

You may be wondering why these restrictions are necessary. For our jury system to work as intended, absolute impartiality on the part of the jurors is necessary. The case must be decided solely upon what you see and hear in the courtroom during the course of the trial.