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Education Services

Education Services

Berks County Jail System's Education Department coordinates education for all inmates. The Education programs consist of the high school diploma program (for inmates under the age of 21), taught by staff of the Berks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU); GED (General Educational Development) program, taught by staff of RACC (Reading Area Community College); and ABE (Adult Basic Education) and ESL (English as a Second Language) classes taught by the jail staff. Independent study is offered to students who already possess either a high school diploma or GED.

Overview of the Education classes:

The BCIU program provides academic diagnostics and remedial education. Students in this program work towards accumulating required credits and completing a senior project to receive their high school diploma.

The GED classes assist inmates to prepare themselves to take the GED test. Students in the GED class are given a rigorous program of skill building which will lead to a mastery of the GED test. GED classes are offered from September until May. The GED test is given at least 3 times a year.
ABE classes teach mathematics, reading/writing, and language skills. The primary goal of the ABE class is to prepare students to advance to the GED level. ABE classes are offered year round.
ESL classes are available for those inmates whose primary language is not English. ESL classes are offered year round.
Independent study is offered to those students who have already obtained their high school diploma or GED. College level textbooks are used to help inmates to prepare for higher education.