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New Addition to the Fleet

Step 1: Requesting a Replacement Vehicle

All county agencies must complete and submit to the Fleet Management Department, a Vehicle Purchase Request Form * for their review and approval.

 This is required for the acquisition of all new or used vehicles (passenger cars, light trucks, vans, and pickup trucks.) The required documentation will include:

• specific vehicle information for the requested and replaced vehicles; 

• an Agency Fleet analysis which should be consistent with previously documented budget enhancement narratives; 

• justification for replacement of a specific vehicle; 

• justification for a new/replacement vehicle; 

• justification for any make, model, style, and/or budgeted cost variations. 

STEP 2: Approval

 The Fleet Management and Budget Departments will review your request to compare it against approved budget allocations and for consistency of vehicle types.

• Denied request returned to agency. 

• Approved requests will be processed by Fleet Manager.

STEP 3: Acquisition of Replacement Vehicle

 The Fleet manager will attach the approved Vehicle Purchase Request to a completed Purchase requisition.

 Purchasing will now process the PO against the appropriate vehicle contract. 

STEP 4: Title and Registration

 Fleet Management will complete all title and registration requirements in accordance with existing policy/procedures as outlined by the State of Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation. 

STEP 5: Vehicle Tags

a. Fleet Management will process the acquisition of tags for your vehicle. 

b. In most cases when you take delivery of the vehicle the tag will be in place. If not, when the tag arrives you will need to bring the vehicle to the Fleet garage for mounting. 

STEP 6: Disposition of Old Vehicle

 The Fleet manager will determine the appropriate disposition of the vehicle being replaced. 

STEP 7: Update Capital Asset Records

 Your Agency will need to follow appropriate internal procedures to update your capital asset inventory records with the addition and/or deletion of an asset. 

Questions regarding this process can be forwarded to: fleet@countyofberks.com Phone#: 610-373- 0776 ext. 2534