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Berks Alert

Berks Alert

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Berks Alert Emergency Notification System


Berks Alert is an effort by county government to notify residents and visitors in Berks County about hazardous conditions and other significant community events. 

The system is based on human engagement and relies on 3rd party infrastructure including the internet and cellular and landline telephony providers.  Berks County can make no guarantees that an alert will be generated or that a generated alert will be received by you. 

Also, while we place a high degree of expectations on our alerting partners (generally our local municipalities and state/federal agencies including the National Weather Service) to access and use the system responsibly, the County has no moment by moment control over these approved partners.  As such, registration in the system implies an understanding that you will receive alerts from these third parties based on your subscriptions and location. 

Completion of a Berks Alert account DOES NOT guarantee notification in the event of an emergency. 

Click here for Subscriber Registration Instructions- Updated 12/12/2023

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