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Crime Mapping

Crime Mapping

In an effort to help reduce crime and further strengthen local community oriented policing efforts, the Berks County District Attorney’s Office provides data to CrimeMapping.com. CrimeMapping.com is a nationwide public mapping service that allows residents to analyze interactive maps of recent crime activity. Visitors to the site can generate reports, search by location and filter for different time periods as well as crime types. Keeping the public well informed has been proven effective as a crime fighting strategy.
Crime Map

The Berks County District Attorney’s Office partners with the following police departments in the County to share crime data and provide a level of transparency for Berks County residents:

Crime Alerts are one of the most popular features at CrimeMapping.com. Residents can register online to receive free updates via e-mail whenever new crime activity occurs in their area. Users choose the distance as well as crimes they wish to stay informed about. A single user can register multiple times in order to learn about activity occurring near their residence, place of business or even their child’s school of attendance.

The information posted is always current as data is uploaded to the system every 24 hours. The incident records information used is thoroughly tested and represents some of the highest levels of integrity and accuracy available for any public crime mapping site.

The population of over four-hundred thousand residents in the Berks County area has been empowered with valuable and timely information through the efforts of the Berks County District Attorney's Office. CrimeMapping.com helps promote transparency and trust through expanding the channels of communication.