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Public Health Services Study

Public Health Services Study

The County of Berks issued a Request for Proposals in November 2021 for vendors to conduct a study of the delivery of health and public health services in the county. An evaluation team examined the proposals and sent recommendations to the Board of Commissioners.  

The Commissioners executed a contract with Health Management Associates, Inc. in May 2022. The County asked HMA to address the following items in the study: 

  • Assess the health and public health services in Berks County to identify opportunities to ensure that all residents have resources and opportunities to pursue their highest level of health.
  • Examine how the County coordinates and aligns cross-sector action tied to public health that engages county residents, businesses, schools, community organizations and government sectors.
  • Ensure Berks County has community-informed information to assess how health care and public health services support county residents in improving health outcomes and health equity. 

Study Presentation and Report 

HMA gave a presentation to the Commissioners about their findings during the County Operations Meeting on March 28, 2023.  The presentation and full report can be found below in English and Spanish: