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In-Home Services

In-Home Services

Reports of abuse or neglect of children often bring to light troubling family situations. Following the assessment period, Berks County Children and Youth Services must decide if the child may remain safely in his or her own home. Very often, services can be provided while the family remains intact and improved functioning can occur in the home environment.

Caseworkers work cooperatively with various family members to develop a Family Service Plan. This document outlines the agency’s recommended services to the family and the expectations made of the participants.

Very often the family is encouraged to take part in the use of community resources available free of charge. In addition, private providers are contracted to offer counseling, therapy and a variety of support services. Caseworkers meet regularly with the clients to ensure the safety of the children as well as to assist in the achievement of goals that will remove the need for agency involvement.

Often, these services can assure that even high-risk situations receive the proper services and monitoring, thereby avoiding the placement or further abuse of the children in the home. Families are empowered to make changes and improve their overall level of functioning