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Sinking Spring

Sinking Spring

History and Description

Sinking Spring Borough’s project is called the Downtown Sinking Spring Redevelopment Area. The project is part of the Main Street Revitalization effort entitled BOSS 2020. The year 2020 stands for the year in which the effort should be close to being completed. The effort’s mission statement is to enhance the quality of life for residents and business community through enhanced economic, recreational, and educational vitality.

The vision for the revitalization effort includes:

  • ECONOMIC STABILITY: Sinking Spring Borough will encourage businesses to locate in the Borough and foster a business friendly environment promoting community employment and patronage. The Borough will continue to be fiscally responsible with its budget and community investments.
  • RECREATION: Sinking Spring Borough will research and pursue enhancements to the recreational facilities and parks of the community. In addition enhancing a "walkable" community with pedestrian connections between neighborhoods, parks, and the downtown will be developed.
  • EDUCATION: Sinking Spring Borough will continue to develop a strong connected relationship with the Wilson School District and local Library to further enhance the educational opportunities for all residents and visitors.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Sinking Spring Borough will pursue significant multi-modal infrastructure improvements within the core downtown Penn Avenue District. These improvements will include improved vehicular traffic movement, pedestrian walk-ability and access to transit options. These improvements will be leveraged to promote enhanced economic development along Penn Avenue corridor.

This page was updated April 30, 2012.