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Penn Ave

Penn Ave

History and Description

West Reading Borough’s project is called the Penn Avenue Redevelopment Area. Penn Avenue has been a center of West Reading's commerce and economical development for as long as the borough has been in existence. In addition, Penn Avenue has been a main inlet of traffic moving from the City of Reading into the West Reading area. Businesses have thrived on Penn Avenue for decades, enjoying both city and suburban consumer traffic.

However, over the past few decades, maintaining Penn Avenue's infrastructure and public improvements have been almost ignored. Business owners have begun to feel the negative impact. The lack of upkeep and weakening of local business has created a Penn Avenue lacking vigor and freshness, and reduced the original splendor of the area.

The Penn Avenue Redevelopment Area is an area spanning from the city line to Fifth Avenue from east to west, and Penn Avenue and Franklin Street from north to south. In this area of West Reading, several projects are planned to accomplish the many goals such as:

  • Stimulate economic development in West Reading

  • Widen Cherry Street on the 400 block

  • Redevelop the Penn View Motel Site

  • Provide municipal parking on Cherry Street in the 400 block

  • Replace several sidewalks

  • Acquire and rehabilitate the Penn Ave. Holdings LLC building on South Second Ave.

West Reading Redevelopment Map

Download and review a map (177kb pdf) of the West Reading project

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Current Status

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This page updated April 30, 2012.

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