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Stop 7: Site Of JB Winter's Grist Mill

Stop 7: Site Of JB Winter's Grist Mill

On this bend was located J.B. Winter's Grist Mill, originally owned by a man named Lash. The mill's water power came from a dam across from where you're standing, downstream from the Red Bridge. At this point also, a road came from the property of J.S. Herbine on the right and crossed the stream joining the Old Tulpehocken Road on the other side. The park area across the creek is the County's Red Bridge Recreation Area.

As you move on to Stop No. 8, notice on the north side of the towpath the Deppen Cemetery, part of the Berks County Heritage Center. The Deppen Cemetery was an early Catholic burial ground and included the graves of 20 to 30 Irish immigrants who died of "canal fever" while building the Union Canal.

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