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Stop 2: Kissinger Homestead Blacksmith Shop

Stop 2: Kissinger Homestead Blacksmith Shop

In 1867 Henry and Angeline Kissinger erected at this point a handsome stone home. Adjacent to the house stands a blacksmith shop which was used to service the horses and mules of the Union Canal. A narrow mule bridge near here afforded access to the blacksmith shop from the canal on the other side of the stream. The Kissinger Bridge piers are still visible in the creek. The Kissinger family was one of the most prominent to settle in the lower reaches of the Tulpehocken, as is evidenced by Kissinger's Church (1852) and Schoolhouse which are visible on a hill to the west of this point.

Between this stop and stop No. 3, you will pass the structures of the Jacob Bushong farmstead. The first foundation along the path (traveling from Stonecliffe) represents the site of Bushong's home, followed by his barn and barnyard. The stone wall remaining enclosed the barnyard at one time.

The stone building dominating the opposite shore is part of the Berks Leisure Area. This building is used by the Recreation Department

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