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Credit Card Transactions / Go Fund Me / PayPal

Credit Card Transactions / Go Fund Me / PayPal

  • Credit Card transactions should list the date the purchase or payment is made, not when the statement is received.

  • PayPal- Campaign donation page must provide disclaimers and must collect employer and occupation information from your donors. It is recommended that PayPal also be connected directly to the candidate or committee’s finance and compliance database.

  • Go Fund Me - Charges a percentage per donation.  The entire amount paid by the contributor before deducting any fees must be reported as the contribution.  The fees paid to the fund-raising platform are reported as an expenditure by the committee. 

  • All online contributions must be screened for the following:

Do not contain corporate contributions.

Contain all information that is required to report.  If they are missing information, committee or candidate must collect the required information.

If unable to collect the required information, the contribution must be returned and the online fund raising system cannot be used.

  • Anonymous contributions must be declined or given to the PA State Treasurer within 20 days.